Unit Funds

Unit Funds at Fort A.P. Hill

Unit funds must be used for the collective benefit of all unit members for off-duty recreational purposes; all unit members must have the opportunity to participate in the activity supported with unit funds. Activities must relate to the MWR of the unit members.

1.  Annual Training Unit Funds (ATUF) of Reserve Components (RC) and National Guard (NG) units:

(a)  The RC/NG units on AT will be paid annual training unit funds (ATUF) regardless of parent unit’s duty station. Soldiers serving in full time support (FTS) will not be included.  Please note Soldiers placed on active duty for special work (ADSW) and active duty for training (ADT) status for more than 30 days should not be counted as AT and are counted as FTS. ATUF is for 2 weeks annual training only and should not include week-end drills. The units on AT for 2 weeks will receive prorated unit funds of $1 per Soldier. RC units performing year around, fragmented or modular training may request unit dividends at the end of the fiscal year from the coordinating garrison (CI). A list of CIs is available in AR 215-1, Table 6-1.

2. Requests for unit fund AT dividends should be submitted within three (3) days after arrival and include the following:

1.           The original request of AT Unit Funds.  Memorandum requesting AT Unit Funds signed by the Unit Fund Appointed Fund Custodian. The request form must include the name and telephone number of the point of contact. Allow at least five (5) working days for the request to be processed. 

2.           One copy of the units Group orders or Annex Report(s). A copy of unit orders sending the unit to annual training (AT) at Fort A.P. Hill. Units will submit the actual head count of troops on AT supported by a copy of official orders. No social security numbers.

3.           One copy of unit alpha roster.  No social security numbers.

4.           The original memo of the current fund custodian appointment.  The unit’s commanding officer must sign this memo.

a.      The MWR office will process and provide funds to the unit prior to departure from the training site, and may use petty cash if the amount of ATUF is less than $500. Otherwise, payment via check will be requested from NAF Financial Services in Texarkana, Texas.

b.      Funds will be used for the collective benefit of all members during MWR recreational activities.  It is encouraged that dividend money be used at a Fort A.P. Hill MWR facility.

c.       Funds are only available for training periods less than 30 days. Records of expenditures will be maintained by the unit and original receipt provided to MWR. 

d.      Only the unit fund custodian can pick up payments. Signature and Identification (ID) is required for payment.


3.  ATUF may not be used for the following purposes:   Change of Command/Retirement Ceremonies • Awards Ceremonies in conjunction with mission exercises • Protocol Functions • Events for selected individuals or a group, i.e. lunch for NCOs only • Mission-related expenditures to include Commander Coins • ALR funds cannot be used to purchase any audiovisual or communications equipment.

4.  Please contact the POC below to request ATUF:

NAF Support Services Division
14135 Montague Road, Building 145

Fort A.P. Hill, VA 22427
COM: (804) 633-8207

Unit Fund Instructions