Car Wash

Hours of Operation

Open 24 hours


18380 4th Street
Fort A.P. Hill, VA 22427

+1 (804)633-8219

Military DSN Tel:

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The car wash is located in the HQ area behind the Ambrose Fitness Center. It is a two bay car wash that has a pressure wand or brush for cleaning your vehicle. We also offer two vacuums located next to the car wash. Tire pressure gauge and air is available free of charge.

The car wash and vacuums accept quarters and tokens. Eight quarters will start the car wash and will give you four and a half minutes of wash time (each additional quarter will give you 59 seconds).

Eight quarters will start the vacuum and gives you five minutes of vacuum time.

Tokens are available in the Ambrose Fitness Facility for purchase. One token is worth $2 and gives you four and a half minutes of wash time or five minutes of vacuum time.