Frequently Asked Questions…

How do I get to Fort A.P. Hill, VA?

Fort A.P. Hill is located within the boundaries of Caroline County, a largely rural county of great natural beauty, dotted with farms, woodlands and waters. Caroline County is located in the northeastern portion of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Situated along the I-95 corridor, Caroline sits roughly midway between Richmond and the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Norfolk and the Port of Hampton Roads are approximately 110 miles to the southeast. The county has 549 square miles of land. The Town of Bowling Green, located approximately in the center of the county, serves as the county seat. Bowling Green is 72 miles south of Washington, D.C., 20 miles south of Fredericksburg, 108 miles southeast of Baltimore, Md., and 35 miles north of Richmond. It serves as the professional and service hub of Caroline County and is the community located closest to Fort A.P. Hill’s main entrance and permanent staff office complex. The county’s smaller incorporated town, Port Royal, lies approximately 11 miles northeast of Bowling Green, on the Rappahannock River. Communities and counties surrounding Fort A.P. Hill have a lengthy history of support for the post and the valuable mission it fulfills for our nation.

Directions to Fort A.P. Hill

How do I make a change in my lodging reservation?

To make any changes to a current reservation, you must contact the Lodging Reservation Desk at +1 (804)633-8335. All cabins and cottages, except for the Lodge, have 24 hours cancellation policy. The Lodge can only be cancelled up to 2 weeks before the reservation is to occur.

Who can stay with me?

Please contact the lodging reservation desk at +1 (804)633-8335 for details.

What is the weather like?

The weather in Bowling Green, VA can change very quickly. To keep up-to-date on the current weather conditions please go to the National Weather Service’s site.

Can I bring my pet with me?

We have a “No pets allowed” policy for all of the recreational lodging facilities and also if you are renting a camper from outdoor recreation. Pets are welcomed if you are using your own camper inside the RV Park. Those pets must remain on a lease at all times, and owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.

Where are some places to eat?

Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation manage the Fort A.P. Hill Primo's Express and Java Cafe. Both are conveniently located across from the Wilcox camp area.

Are there any stores to shop at in Bowling Green, VA?

Stores and shops.

Is there internet access/WI-FI?

We do have internet access inside our buildings or rooms except for the Lodge. Contact the lodging office at +1 (804)633-8335 for details.

What if Lodging is all booked?

We have contracts with several off post lodging facilities to set aside rooms. Please contact the lodging reservation desk at +1 (804)633-8335 for a complete listing.

Can I ride my horse on Fort A.P. Hill?

Horseback riding horses on Fort A.P. Hill is prohibited.

Is there a place to do laundry on post?

Yes, there is laundry site at the RV campgrounds. You must first obtain the access code from the lodging office. Please contact the lodging reservation desk at +1 (804)633-8335.